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Click on the link to download the game here is what you need to be able to play these games:
System Requirements:
PC Requirements:
Operating System: Windows® 95/98
Processor: Pentium® 166 MHz or higher (233 recommended)
Memory: 16 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 4 MB Free (If you wish to save your coaches)
CD-ROM Drive: 4X Speed (8X recommended)
Video: 1 MB Windows® 95/98 compatible SVGA video card*
Sound: Windows® 95/98 compatible sound card
Macintosh® System Requirements:
Operating System: System 7.5.3 or higher
Processor: 132 MHz PowerPC or higher recommended
Memory: 32 MB RAM with virtual memory on (28 MB free)
Hard Drive Space: 4 MB Free (If you wish to save coaches)
CD-ROM Drive: 4X Speed (8X recommended)
Click on the button underneath the title to download it.
Backyard Baseball 2001: 
Bird Hunter 2003:                                               
Crazy Taxi:
Deer Hunter 2003:
Atari FTP   
Demolition Racer:
If that doesn't work try this
Dirt Track Racing 2:
Hardball (Blaster ball):
Midnight Club 2:
If that doesn't work try this
Monster Truck stunts ( R/C ):
If that doesn't work try this
Need for Speed-Hot pursuit 2:
Need for Speed: Underground:
try this first: - United States
if that doesn't work try this:
Pocket Tanks:
Pro Race Driver:
If that doesn't work try this
Rally car racing:
Ricochet Extreme:
Street Racing:
Typer Shark:

Grand Theft Auto:

Here are your downloading options:

Try this site first: - United States
If you encounter problems you may select an alternative location below.

PC Gameworld official mirror sites:

Global (http).
Courtesy of:
United States & Australia (http).
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Global (ftp).
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USA only (http).
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PC Gameworld
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File Information
Developer: DMA Design
Publisher: ASC Games
Version: N/A
Date added: February 12, 2001
File size: 9.1 MB
Approx. download time: 25.9 minutes at 56kbps
Downloads: 25,720
License: Demo
System requirements: Windows 95/98
Pentium, 16MB RAM, 3Dfx.


Click HERE to get RACER

Here are some of the games aboves pics.
Bird Hunter 2001       

                                                    Pocket Tanks