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Worst Ways to Die

Worst ways to die




1.  Listening to Cher.
2.  Syrup being poured all over you and then ants suddenly appearing out of nowhere and eating you alive.
3.  Being run over by a bulldozer that's clearing the wreckage from the demolished building you were trapped in.
4.  With your pants down.
5.  In a fire in a fire station.
6.  A million paper cuts in a salt mine.
7.  In a country run by Bill Clinton.
8.  Listening to polka.
9.  Being buried alive, and then, ya know, dying.
10.  Accidental mummification.
11.  Someone cutting you in half with a really dull knife.
12.  Getting sat on by some fat lady.
13.  Getting kicked in the balls, really hard!
14.  Being shot . . . with a BB.
15.  Laughing so hard you just EXPLODE.
16.  Sweating to death
17.  Reading the worst ways to die then dieing
18.  Going for the world's record longest fingernails then right before they get long enough, being stabbed with them.
19.  One word: Aliens.
20.  Being eaten alive by rabbits.
21.  You know that spot on your back that you JUST can't reach?

22.  Being eaten alive by an American Bald Eagle.
23.  On the moon.
24.  Getting your little toe chopped off and then bleeding to death.
25.  Catching on fire after staying out in sun too long.
26.  Falling down stairs from 3 billion steps up.
27.  At about 5000 feet when you realize your parachute is stuck.
28.  Really tight jeans.
29.  Not being able to find Waldo.
30. Swallowing a pillow while asleep.
31.  After miscalculating the needed length for the bungee cord you're about to use.